Stylianos Prekas

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Parallel and Distributed Systems and Computing Unit

PhD Candidate


Stylianos Prekas

PhD candidate in the Department of Informatics and Computer Engineering of the University of West Attica (UNIWA)




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Brief CV

Stylianos Prekas holds a degree in Informatics Engineering from the Department of Informatics of the Technological Educational Institute (T.E.I.) of Athens and a postgraduate degree (MSc) in Data Communication Systems from Brunel University (housed by the Department of Electronics – TEI of Athens). Since July 2019, he has been preparing his doctoral dissertation on “Algorithms and techniques for optimal virtual network embedding in a cloud computing environment” at the Department of Informatics and Computer Engineering of the University of West Attica, under the supervision of Associate Professor Panagiotis Karkazis. He has worked for 10 years as an Informatics and Network Engineer in Informatics Projects for the TEI of Athens and for 5 years as an Informatics and Networks Engineer at ERT SA. Since 2020 he has been working as an Informatics Engineer at the County Court of Nikaia. He has published articles in 2 conferences.

Articles in international conference proceedings:

S. Prekas, P. Karkazis, P. Trakadas, and V. Nikolakakis, “Comparisonof VNE heuristic solutions with similar objective functions,” inProc.of the 24th Pan-Hellenic Conference on Informatics (Athens, Greece,November 2020). ACM, November 2020, DOI:

S. Prekas, P. Karkazis, and P. Trakadas, “Comparison of EmbeddingObjectives for Next Generation Networks,” inProc. of the FifteenthInternational Multi-Conference on Computing in the Global InformationTechnology (Porto, Portugal, October 2020). IARIA XPS Press, October 2020, pp. 7–12. [Online]. Available: